GSI – Gesellschaft für Schweißtechnik international mbH
Schweißtechnik - WeiterbildungschweißenSchweißtechnik Indrustrie


  • The whole course is in English Language (CD, classroom learning part, written and oral  examinations)

  • You can directly start whenever you want with the distance learning Part 1 (to be done completely at home).

  • The following services of the GSI are included in the fee of IWE for distance learning courses
  • Email service for questions and assistance concerning every section of the program.
    The responsible lecturer gives you detailed answers to each question.
    •  Telephone consultation
    • Correction of your homework
    • Test examinations

  • You get a CD with the program IWE Part 1 and a manual.
    For IWE Part 3 you will get another CD for the distance learning part.

  • Part 3 is a blended learning course,
    • that means 50% learning at home and
    • 50% classroom learning
    • (4,5 weeks or 166 hours).
    • We use this method of learning already in Germany for 2 years and it works perfectly
      (from the point of view of our participants).

  • Additionally we include:
    • The printed course documents for Part 1-3 plus a CD with the same content in a pdf file
    • A book of the relevant welding standard (4,5 weeks or 166 hours).
    • Additional documents for the course are not necessary

  • After successful completion of the course and passing the examination the participant receives an IIW diploma.
    The IIW diploma needs no re-certification.

  • Additional costs for staying in Germany (not included in the course fee):
    • Your monthly need is approx. 350,- to 450,- Euro for the personal living costs
    • Cost of an apartment in Germany is approx. 250,- to 350,- Euro monthly

  •  You receive the following additional service from us:
    • We assist in searching accommodation
    • We pick you up at Duesseldorf airport
    • We show you the way to the SLV Duisburg, to the cash exchange and where you can go for shopping
      (short introduction to ?living in Duisburg?)

  • A detail description of the course content you find
  • in the guideline

  • Download the demo version of the IWE/IWT distance learning program
  • For the evaluation of your access condition it is necessary to have a copy of
    your university diploma.
    Access conditions for the IWE:
  • Diploma of an engineers degree received at universities (minimum three years
    study, Bachelor Engineer), technical universities or medium universities
    (minimum three years study, Bachelor Engineer).