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Distance Learning Course Welding Engineers(IWE) and Welding Technologists (IWT) Part 3

Since 2001 there is a possibility to take the Part 1 of the IWE/ IWT as a distance learning course. From now on, Part 3 of the IWE/IWT course can be taken as a distance learning course as well. All courses offered by the GSI are approved by the German Central Body for Distance Learning (ZfU), by DVS-PersZert® and by the International Authorization Board (IA B) of II W (International Institute of Welding).

Flexible Learning

You have the chance to choose your individual time to learn. For companies, the use of a training program for the evenings or at the weekend means less loss of working hours and saves cost. Further, there are no travel expenses, cost for journeys or stays overnight as well as other expenses. You need when learning 2 hours a day and 5 days a week, i.e. approx. 10 weeks to study all training materials in order to apply for participation in the examination.


An important advantage: 

In case the participant already has certain knowledge concerning the single lessons those may be learned in shorter time or even be skipped.

Discover the New Dimension of Learning

This course makes use of the multimedia based possibilities of a PC. In addition to the text and graphical presentation videos and three dimensional animations are applied. Instead of long descriptions, e.g. of the structure of a welding torch, an interactive animation offers step by step a realistic and detailed presentation of the technical processes.

Services included

  • E-mail service (e-mails with questions will be answered by competent instructors)
  • Advice on the phone
  • Correction of homework and test examinations


Hardware/software system requirements

  • Windows NT / 95 / 98 / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista / Windows 7.
  • Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 Pixel
  • 16 bit depth of colour
  • CD-ROM-Drive


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