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International Welding Inspection Personnel IWI-C/S

Education of international welding inspection personnel joins the fields of welding and inspection engineering. The international welding inspection personnel offers the industry a coordinator/supervisor having double competence by fulfilling the demands on welding engineering and on inspection.
Required Qualification

IWI-C: Direct start into the modules Welding Inspection possible for welding engineers or welding technologists (IWE/EWE or IWT/EWT diploma).
IWI-S: Direct start into modules Welding Inspection possible for welding specialist (IWS/EWS diploma) or welding practitioner (SWM diploma).

If you are not full filing the required qualification, the necessary prior knowledge in the field of welding technology can be learned by selfstudy with a program (e-Learning).

Training Programme

IWI-C (97 lessons), IWI-S (63 lessons) General Introduction to Welding Inspection and Materials Testing: Mechanical tests on weld seams, determination of the composition as well as metallogaphic examination Weld Seam Imperfections Types of weld seam defects, evaluation of weld seam Testing Methods Overview on testing methods, visual testing, penetration testing, magnetic particle testing, radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, other non-destructive testing methods, critical evaluation of the selection of non-destructive testing methods, other methods. Quality Assurance Execution of Quality Assurance Practical Training

We like to elaborate a special offer for alternative In-house Training in your company. In such a training we can focus on your products.

Written and Oral (IWI-C 5,5 hours, IWI-S 5 hours)
Completion of the course

After having passed the exam the participant will receive a diploma International Welding Inspection Personnel. In coordination with the authorised certification boards the precondition of a certification according to EN ISO 9712 (ISO 2712) can be given by partially acknowledging individual training modules of the IWIP and a certain additional training.

Services included

  • E-mail service (e-mails with questions will be answered by competent instructors)
  • Advice on the phone

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